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Yellow Bush
Acrylic on Aluminum

(8" x 10")

Works in Oil and Acrylic

Oil is lush and sensuous, and allows me lots of time to experiment with color, texture and mood. Acrylic is always in a rush! I love using it on non-absorbent surfaces like metal and foil where it challenges me constantly to outwit it, to think faster, to play.



Canyon II
Acrylic on Canvas
(5" x 5")

Rush Hour
Oil on Canvas
(12" x 16")

Sun Dance
Acrylic on textured Canvas
(22" x 30")
Oil on Canvas
(22" x 28")
red shift
Red Shift
Oil on Canvas
(22" x 28")

Oil on Canvas
(22" x 28")

Field Study
Oil on Canvas
(18 " x 24")

It’s all about the Paint (Series)

These experimental abstracts are a departure for me, moving back to basic
canvas and paper, and allowing myself to let the paint do the talking.

Looking Down
crylic on canvasboard
(11.5" x 16")

Where’s the Bear?
crylic on canvasboard
(11.5" x 16")

Acrylic on paper
(11" x 15")
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